Heatwafer manufacture a range of low consumption radiant heating panels designed specifically for use in domestic, office, caravan and boating applications.

  • The product range comprising of six models includes our unique wardrobe warmer, the HW 1 model.
  • Six sizes ranging from 80W to 750W
  • Economical to buy
  • Economical to run
  • Slimline, attractive design.
  • Silent to run - no smells, fumes, or sparks
  • No moving parts to break down.
  • Easy to install - no plumbing work or structural alterations.
  • For use selectively to heat your home combating condensation and damp.


The panels are clean, silent, safe and simple, being based upon the radiant heat principle of objective heating, whereby people are warmed rather than a great mass of wasted air.

Many people deceive themselves by installing fan heaters or the like, which heat the air around them for the period of time that they are running. When switched off, the room returns rapidly to its previous temperature because the air looses its warmth to the still cold and damp objects in the room, including the walls themselves.

The indispensable HW1 model using only 80w an hour is specifically designed for wardrobes and closets to avoid damp and mould.
The concept behind Heatwafer is to leave them running 24hrs a day during the period that they are needed. They gradually build up and maintain a comfortable room temperature, making it affordable to be warm both day and night

INSTALLATION COULD NOT BE EASIER - drill four holes and simply fix with the screws provided. Plug in and switch on.